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Peripetie Publishers

'Milchschweine & Sirenen', Issue #1. Short Stories. Book

'Milchschweine & Sirenen', Issue #1. Short Stories. Book

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The publishers Jelena Trivic and Karola Prutek (Peripetie Verlag) have curated a selection of short-stories from the following writers in this beautiful book:

Andreas Schwarz (fine artist)
Lothar Hempel (fine artist)
Marcus Steinweg (philosopher)
Mark Manning (fine artist and musician)
Mark von Schlegell (art historian and -critic)
Michael Sans (product designer)
Miriam Glinka (fine artist, musician and writer)
Ralf Niemczyk (journalist)
Ralf Schauff (fine artist film-maker)
Stefan Müller (fine artist and musician)
Susanne Saygin (historian and writer)

Drawings by Kalin Lindena (fine artist)

Most texts are in German.

177 pages, 23 cm x 17 cm (9" x 6,7")

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